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We are four guys who just love real-estate and helping people finding their right home. When away, be it business or pleasure – your property needs a reliable tenant and you need a nice place to stay. Therefore we started an ”inner circle” hosting company where we connect the best people in our network with the best homes available.

Corporate Housing

In busy cities it is always difficult to find the right apartment for our employees. Staying in a hotel is never the best way to go for a long stay – being part of the Inner Circle is one of the best steps you can take as a company to be connected to the best properties out there.

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The circle pays off

By connecting and leveraging our network we are able to host you in the best apartments available and increase ROI on your real-estate. We serve a wide array of expat workers around the globe as well as corporates who need temporary housing for their employees. By servicing the apartments on a world-class level we are able to negotiate rental sums which are up to 50% higher on average.

Average Increase In Rent
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Inner Circle Companies

To ensure your property will belong in trusted hands we only work with prime corporates and expat housing agencies.


  • Patrick Ottens
    Patrick Ottens Interior
  • Bas Lichter
    Bas Lichter Management
  • Kai Bennink
    Kai Bennink Corporate
  • Fadi Admo
    Fadi Admo Expats

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